ja, also hier könnt ihr sehen was ich alles auf dem MP3-Player hab:

Interpret ~ Titel

Naruto~ Believe it 1 (opening)
Naruto~ Go! (fighting dreamers)
Naruto~ Heroes come back
Naruto~ Believe it 2 (opening)
Avril Lavigne~ I don`t have to try
Avril Lavigne~ One of those girls
Avril Lavigne~ Contagious
Avril Lavigne~ Keep holding on
Avril Lavigne~ Girlfriend
Avril Lavigne ~ I can do better
Avril Lavigne~ Runaway
Avril Lavigne~ The best damn thing
Avril Lavigne~ When you´re gone
Avril Lavigne~ Everything back but you
Avril Lavigne~ Hot
Avril Lavigne~ Innocence
The Offspring~ She´s got issues
The Offspring~ staring at the sun
The Offspring~ the end of the line
The Offspring~ the kids aren´t alright
The Offspring~ walla walla
The Offspring~ why don`t you get a job
The Offspring~ americana
The Offspring~ feelings
The Offspring~ have you ever
The Offspring~ no graphes
The Offspring~ pay the man
The Offspring~ pretty fly
Colbie Cailat~ Bubbly
Maria Mena~ Just hold me
Rooney~ when did your heart go missing
Sugababes~ about you now
Maximo Park~ Books from boxes
Linkin Park~ Breaking the habbit
All-American Rejects~ Swing Swing
All-American Rejects~ Dirty Little Secret
All-American Rejects~ Move Along
All-American Rejects~ Dance inside
All-American Rejects~ Eylash Wishes
Green Day & U2~ The saints are coming
Green Day~ Poprocks & Coke
Green Day~ Longview
Green Day~ When I come around
Green Day~ J.A.R.
Green Day~ Minority
Green Day~ American Idiot
Green Day~ Good Riddance (Time of your life)
Green Day~ Redundant
Green Day~ Boulevard of broken dreams
Green Day~ Are we the waiting
Green Day~ basket case
Green Day~ extraordinary girl
Green Day~ give me novacaine
Green Day~ homecoming
Green Day~ holiday
Green Day~ jesus of surburbia
Green Day~ letterbomb
Green Day~ she´s a rebel
Green Day~ st. jimmy
Green Day~ wake me up when september ends
Green Day~ waiting
Green Day~ welcome to paradise
Green Day~ whatshername
Green Day~ warning
Green Day alias The Foxboro Hot Tubs~ Stop Drop and Roll
The Foxboro Hot Tubs~ Mother Mary
The Foxboro Hot Tubs~Ruby Room
The Foxboro Hot Tubs~Red Tide
The Foxboro Hot Tubs~Highway1>br />The Foxboro Hot Tubs~She`s a saint not a Celebrity
so, jetz habt ihr einen einblick in meinen MP3-Player
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